Team News

What are we all up to?


September 28: First paper from the group to appear on arXiv! Ever wondered about how to obtain a highly compact and complete description of non-Markovian dynamics? Read about it here. We show how to combine our framework with any dynamical method, explain how and when this framework works, suggest what to do when it doesn't, and even introduce a discrete-time version that is compatible with low-resolution data. This work has wide-ranging applications from quantum information, to charge and energy transfer in the condensed phase, glassy dynamics, protein folding, and even cosmic expansions! Congratulations, Tom!

August 5: Jack, our high school intern in the AMC group, completes research on quantum master equations & his work with Anthony as his graduate mentor. Jack is headed off to great things as an undergraduate at Cornell University. Good luck, Jack!

August 9: Srijan's Master's degree work on a periodically driven quantum thermal transistor gets highlighted in the APS Physics Magazine. Congratulations, Srijan!

August 17: The Chemistry department recognizes Zach (left) & Anthony (right) with the Graduate Teaching Excellence Award for their great work as Teaching Assistants in Physical and General Chemistry. Congratulations, Anthony & Zach!

August 23: Srijan receives the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) fellowship award for his work in the group developing quantum dynamics methods to predict and tune the optoelectronic properties of sustainable polymers. Congratulations, Srijan!